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I am deeply in love with the beauty of life, like flowing quietly in the river. As a visual creator, the imagery I create is a celebration of real life. My understanding of beauty and the echoes it casts upon our lives often stroll along a slow timeline.

Yet, when we still our hearts to taste it, we find that beauty is often simple, a reflection of those fleeting moments, a crystallization of time and emotion.

I firmly believe in the power of art, its capability to capture the essence of beauty at any moment, to record the love for life. I encourage you to take a deep breath, to immerse yourself in a free-spirited melody or the nature's voices.

Thank you for exploring my store.
Hope somethings that strike a chord with you and look forward to your return!


About designer

Liuru Fan is a chinese designer and visual artist based in Paris. She is a multifaceted creative, excelling in both graphic design and handmade crafts, exploring the realms of ceramics, traditional batik, painting, digital art (illustration), and even furniture upcycling.

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